A New Measure for Evaluating the Efficiency of Human's Resources in University

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Payame Noor university


In this paper we try to introduce a new approach and study the notion of efficiency under a multi objectives linear programming problem in the university by using analysis of hierarchy process (AHP)‎. ‎To this end‎, ‎we first extract some effective parameters due to efficiency offices in university and then prioritized these parameters by the AHP method‎. ‎Hence‎, ‎we could classify the most important factors of people's dissatisfaction in the offices and could underlie further studies in related offices to evaluate the efficiency and also effective factors for increasing the efficiency‎. ‎More clearly‎, ‎a mathematical model is suggested to calculate the amount of efficiency under a multi objectives linear programming problem and then it is solved by using the existing methods‎. ‎Note that in order to examine the approach's performance‎, ‎the Payame Noor University of Mashhad (PNUM) is selected as a case study‎. ‎Numerical experiments are included to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.


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