Robust Control Synchronization on Multi-Story Structure under Earthquake Loads and Random Forces using H∞ Algorithm

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1 PNU, Applied Mathematics Department

2 Applied Mathematics Dept. Tarbiat Modares University Tehran, Iran

3 Civil Eng Dept. PayameNoor University


In this paper‎, ‎the concept of synchronization control along with robust H∞ control are considered to evaluate the seismic response control on multi-story structures‎. ‎To show the accuracy of the novel algorithm‎, ‎a five-story structure is evaluated under the EL-Centro earthquake load‎. ‎In order to find the performance of the novel algorithm‎, ‎random and uncertainty processes corresponding to Riccati equation is solved under a specific dynamic‎. ‎Time history graphs corresponding to maximum displacement and floors force control are presented and evaluated‎. ‎Despite the existence of random process and uncertainty in structure‎, ‎stability and optimal performances are shown.


Main Subjects

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